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“Harmonious Community” Volunteer Leadership Award Conference
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On the afternoon of June 15, 2012, the YMCA of Nanjing and the Xinjiekou neighborhood of the Xuanwu District jointly organized the Civil Administration Department’s first public welfare venture capital program, “Harmonious Community” Community Service Center Social Work Supervision Program’s Residents Volunteer Leadership Award Conference. CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee of social construction, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Social Organization Management Bureau, Nanjing City Public Venture Capital Association, Nanjing City National Bureau of Religious Affairs, Xuanwu District Bureau of Civil Affairs, District of Seniors Committee Leadership, part-university social work teachers and nearly 200 Cadre residents of the Xinjiekou neighborhood participated in the conference.

Xinjiekou’s Director Cheng Lifu gave the Conference speech. She first represented the Xinjiekou neighborhood Cadres and the masses in thanking Nanjing YMCA’s “Harmonious Community” social work program group for their hard work in community construction. In the past year, “Harmonious Community” Community Service Center as volunteer work, trained 60 community cadre residents for six communities, organized professional social work teams and six community collaborations for university students and professors, jointly launched an abundance of eventful cultural and athletic activities for seniors, cumulated more than 3000 people for community service and won an award in Jiangsu Province’s Women’s Federation of the National Assembly for women’s social work plan collection evaluation.

       The representative of Nanjing Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau will also speak at the meeting to thank Xinjiekou’s neighborhood cadre resident’s active support and participation in international social work and professional service organization – Nanjing YMCA Community Service Program.

       The general assembly commended 30 people of Xinjiekou neighborhood’s six communities diligent participation in learning volunteers management skills training and participating in volunteer work for younger and more elderly senior residents. Community cadres and resident student representatives use their own creation of prose poetry and thoughts to express their love for the community and their desire to actively participate in community service.  The general assembly’s leader sang the building, the great stone Bridge, Chengxian street, the North Bridge and incense shop business for the Xinjiekou neighborhood and presented the Changjiang Road community residents small volunteer group with a flag, encouraging them to henceforth better mobilize the surrounding residents in serving the elderly and others in need within the community. Soon afterwards, senior members of the cultural and athletic groups from the six communities displayed performances to show their love for life. Such performances included poetry readings, fashion shows, Qigong fitness performance, chorus, dancing etc. In “Harmonious Community”, we rely on all to not only build the community, but also build a harmonious, warm, homely neighborhood atmosphere and culture. The assembly happily finished with the “Joyous Gathering” Dance.

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