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Volunteers for English Summer Camp
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Volunteers Recruitment

Nanjing YMCA is going to have a Danish culture summer camp from July 14th to 18th .  The age of target group (participants) is from 11 to 14 years old, middle school students (Grade 6 to Grade 9). We need volunteers as follow

1.      5 voluntary teachers, to give lecture or presentation to the participants; requirements:

1)      Native English speaker is preferred

2)      Good at teaching and interacting with the children.

3)      Know about Danish culture and Andersen’s fairy tales.

2.      10 voluntary teaching assistants, to interpret for the teachers and maintain classroom discipline ,and take care of the students. Requirements:

1)      fluent in oral English,

2)      good at translation and group leading

3)      know how to take care of the students

If you are interested in the service mentioned above, please call on 13851465272 (Ms Sheng) or write to judysheng@126.com, or come to 3F, 66#-6 Dajianyinxiang, Nanjing YMCA.

Deadline: June 14th, 2014

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