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Support the Middle School Students
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Step into High School Project is one of scholarship assistance to the impoverished students programs conducted by Nanjing YWCA, sponsored by HK APIAA.  The target group is the students with fine qualities and fine scholar, but cannot go to school or have to drop out due to poverty.  Since 2010 the project started, we have provided financial assistance to 769 high school students located from counties of Wuwei, Susong, Jieshou, in Anhui, and Fei county in Shandong Province.  Sponsoring one student one year needs 2200HK Dollars.  There are 517 students had finished their high school education, in which 87 entered college and gain our continuing support of College Student Scholarship Project or named Torch Project.

Support one student to high school needs 2500 RMB per year. You can donate the money online through our website, or you can come to our office to know more about the project and handle the procedure of donation. We conduct social service transparently, and will publish all the details about using the fund.

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